Wednesday, May 13, 2009


TONIGHT and every Wednesday night you can catch DJ Boot Gator at Submerged. "2 tecate $3 wells $0 chilling out," and as always, or at least until there is a real flier for this, I present to you a Google Image Search result for "booty gator"

One of these days it's going to be something very bad, I can promise you that. Did anyone catch Nico Vega's DJ set there yesterday? Don't forget they're playing at Emo's tonight, too.

And as Tiffany D of Austin is Burning has already convinced you all to go to this, I will not waste my digital breath er typing - uh something. I will say though, Bleach does good very stuff. Their balance of local/national/international coverage is spot on.

And let's not forget our faithful Wednesday weekly spots:

For the effete jungle exlorer in all of us, there's Safari Club at Lanai. That poster is so soothing to look at, it hurts

And for the underage kid who still wants to dance in all of us, there's Details at Club Mix. How is that place? Anyone?

Just one more final between me and freedom. But oh what a final it is. I will see you Saturday

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