Thursday, May 7, 2009


As if you need another place to go tonight. Duh, of course you do. This totally slipped my mind yesterday. I had the flier downloaded and everything. Now it has an honored position at the very top of the post. Good things come to those who wait, I guess. Is excellent musical happenings for you to make enjoyment

I still haven't found anything new for Friday (see Thursday's post), so if you've got anything, shoot it my way. Saturday is whole different story though. First of all, find out who your real friends are as the UT School of Design and UT RTF's senior classes face off in THE artsy fartsy showdown of the year
Projections begin at sunset. They're integrating the existing architecture of the plaza into the process. I've seen things like this before, and it's generally a cool concept that's coming into vogue right now. It'll be interesting to see this technique applied to a familiar context. I can't imagine this will disappoint. Runs til midnight, too
And the opening reception for design show is happening the Creative Research Laboratory from 6-9. You can view some of the projects online (here). If you have a larger flier of this, please hand it over

This is definitely a highlight of the KVRX social calendar. This year, they're giving you a 1 USD price break if you come as a couple. Always looking out for us in times of need, those kids. Undersea costumes and formal wear combinations encouraged

$2 lonestars! That's a steal for a weekend party at Creekside. About 80 million DJs, too. That is not an official number

I bet you'd thought Id forgotten this, but no, I was just saving it. This promises to be an excellent show. I caught Glass Candy last year and wow, they were great. Every complaint I had about the band was thrown out the window by their live show. You take that, add the boys at Learning Secrets, and throw in some USDA Grade A Fancy photography by our friends at the PEEN SCENE, and you have a real winner here

If you can afford it, do it. One of the best live acts in rap/hip-hop/whatever you want to call what these magical people do. They won an Oscar. Enough said.

This is shaping up to be an epic weekend before finals kick back in. On a personal note, today is my last day ever of real live college classes. Has it sunk in yet? Not even a little. A happy birthday to Llano, as well!



  1. it's how i make sure y'all keep reading. jk jk, y'all the best

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