Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well there ain't much to say about tonight, but all that means is that this
will be packed more than usual. For those of you who speak party promotion, that translates to something like, "Fuck yeah! Irresponsible Voltron is gonna shake your face off with the hottest bass you've ever heard on a Thursday. The hottest guest DJs and the cheapest drinks in town!" Or something like that. If you're up for some club hopping, stop by Booty Bar and check out Big Face, too. Oh how I miss the days he'd drop those crazy sets at Black and Tan

Tonight is also Lagomorph's first real live bar show at Headhunter's. And it's fo' FREE! I caught these guys at a house party the other week and they only got through half their set before the cops came, but holy crap, what a show. It's eclectic, smart, and dark punk music to make you doubt your sanity. Congrats, you guys! Make sure they pay you

Sam Raimi returns to the supernatural horror genre that made him an icon with his latest project, "Drag Me To Hell." Quite a heart a attack of a poster, too. Midnight showings are happening all around town tonight and, as you all know, a midnight premier is one of the best ways to watch a movie. Sure as hell better than watching a torrent from Thailand, anyway. Call me biased

And a preview of FRIDAY


  1. it was a free show so naturally we weren't paid. but being showered with compliments was enough to stroke our egos. my bandmates and I appreciate your kind words though and we will have a CD for you in the coming weeks!