Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Quick update, because I have a hot date

Hey kids! It's Details with special guest DJ Blake Brandon. Your favorite all ages weekly party just got turned up to 11 and a half here! If that weren't enough, they're throwing some $2 drink specials at you. Dance and show Blake and Miguel some love

And DJ Bootygator/creepsneakerz's weekly set at submerged is blasting off with $2 Tecate, the Textecker's beverage of choice, and $3 wellssses

And yet another excellent weekly set. Perks include roof and dirt cheap girly drinks. Absolutely wonderful

For those of you in the mood for live music, there's - oh shit! PONYTAIL! They've really blown up this last year with a live show that bewilders, stuns, and always leaves a minty fresh tingle. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Austin's own Pataphysics kick off their tour of the West Coast with a show tonight at Creekside. As we all know, the West Coast can be a brutal, harsh, and terrifying place, so catch the full glory of their live show before they return as humbled shadows of their former selves

And COFFY is playing tonight at $1 (wtf?) Weird Wednesday, sponsored by Austin Java Co. Do all of these things. "That's not possible," you say? Really? Don't argue, just do what I tell you. Everything is going to be wonderful

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